Monday, June 20, 2011

It all starts with belief!

The response to my latest literary endeavor has been--in a word--awesome! 5 Simple Steps To Choosing Your Path has been well received by so many people that have followed my writing career from day one with the release of my debut best selling novel, Choices. I was honored by the attendance and love shown to me by all that attended the book signing in Philadelphia. People coming together to support a new writer such as me is truly the key to any success I'm currently experiencing.

When I first considered self-publishing, I feared that I wouldn't be taken seriously as an author. A big part of me thought that people would view me as less talented as a writer and incapable of attracting interest from a big name publishing house. Then common sense kicked in and I conducted some research that revealed some surprising revelations. Self-publishing wasn't new and for many years and for many reasons writers have chosen to self-publish their works. So I was not alone. Way before little ole me, great storytellers such as James Joyce, John Grisham, Zane Grey, Mark Twain and the list goes on and on, have all used self-publishing as a way of getting their work into print. And believe you me--it certainly wasn't because they lacked talent. Now mind you, I'm not saying I'm in their class as a writer, however it doesn't take Sara Lee to bake a pie. I was...correction...I am a writer. One that like the esteemed above mentioned chose to self-publish.

Initially when someone asked my why I took the path taken, I would attempt to come up with an answer that sounded good. Then I decided--after stumbling over my words repeatedly--to simply tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I chose to do so because I believed in myself and no amount of rejection letters or unopened and returned manuscripts would change that powerful fact.

Believing in oneself has taken many an unknown to the tops of the world. Ever heard of Bernard Schwartz or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? Both of them turned belief in themselves along with talent, sheer determination and a strong desire to succeed into incredible careers. By the way, I'm referring to Tony Curtis the actor and the mega-star Lady Gaga.

I might not ever write or publish a book that makes the New York Times bestsellers list. So what? Would not doing so make me less of a writer? Absolutely not--hundreds of writers--great ones, have never made the list. Tony Curtis never won an Oscar, but his film work is greatly revered by those in the movie industry and his fans around the globe. Would it shock you to know that Diana Ross never won a Grammy despite being the lead singer for the ultra-successful singing group, the Supremes as well as selling well over 100 million records?

Success isn't measured by a cup, but by those that keep getting up. I pray that with you reading these words, you will determine in your heart and mind to unleash the greatness that lies within. Don't allow fear, worry, or doubt to prevent you from joining the ranks that have blazed the trail before you. The world can never have enough Mark Twain's, Tony Curtis', or even Lady Gaga's.

Believe in your dream, believe in yourself. Remember where God has placed a vision there will be provision. You too are not alone.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Wait is...almost over!

I'm so proud and humbled to report that my second book is forthcoming. To be more accurate, it's just about ready to go to press. As promised this book--well more like a guide--is a self-help book that deals with my favorite topic, choices.

The book is entitled: 5 Simple Steps To Choosing Your Path. It will be available on my website: as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Making a choice is a mental process. During the course of someone's life, that person will encounter innumerable situations requiring multliple selections. Some will be simple and may not require much thought or effort, while others will require a more detailed approach. The guide clearly illustrates five simple steps to making wiser choices in life and business.

Pick up a copy, or two and sit back, relax and enjoy. But most importantly....please apply the steps and let me know the results. God bless and thank all of you for your continued support!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The year changed--how about you?

On January 1st of every year the clock strikes midnight and all across the land people shout "Happy New Year." They get so excited and many of us will make resolutions. You know--these promises we make to change something or another about ourselves. Like...lose out more...spend more time with loved ones...find someone to love...etc...etc. But by the fifteenth of the month the weight loss has turned into a gain. Working out is put off for another day and as for those loved ones--oh well they understand how busy one can get. Sound familiar?

Here's an interesting way to get started with this new year. I call it the "Examination of Determination." It's a way of examining your life and determining where you are and where you want to be. To benefit from this you must be honest with your toughest critic--you.

Tools needed: 1. A quiet spot to think. 2. Ink pen 3. Paper 4. A sincere desire to improve your life.

On the paper write down whatever date you decide to do this. Example: 4 Jan 2011. Under the date write down where you are in your life at that time. Put whatever comes to mind, such as lifestyle, habits, living conditions, job, income, etc. The purpose is to fully examine your life.
Then write down the same date using last year. Example: 4 Jan 2010. Under the date write down where you were in your life at that time. The purpose is to see how far you have come or if you are stagnant. You want to see if you have made any changes in your existence.
Then write down the same date five years from the first date. Example: 4 Jan 2016. Under the date write down where you would like to see yourself five years from now. The purpose is to see yourself living the life you truly want to be living at that time. It enables you to focus on what's really important.

Give this a shot. It's helped me make positive strides in my life as well as some clients I've worked with over the years. I do it every year as a way of staying focused.

I pray that 2011 will be much better for all of us than the last one. May our world experince true peace, feel more love and we reach out to each other in spirit and in truth. God Bless!