Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fear no more.

Today marked one of the most humbling and most exhilarating days of my life. I had my first Canadian book signing at Coles Bookstore located in Square One Mall which is in Mississauga, Ontario. And I tell you I've never felt so vulnerable or invisible in my entire life. For the first hour and a half my very loving and supportive wife and I sat at the entrance of the store watching people go about their business without seemingly a care in the world. Fathers were pushing strollers, mothers were busy balancing plastic bags with one hand while trying to keep the little one or twos from running off. Some folks came into the bookstore and either looked over our heads or appeared to look right through us.

After a while my nerves, or should I say my ego kicked in and I was ready to pack it in. Then I remembered something my Grandmother use to say, "If you're going to worry don't pray and if you're going to pray don't worry." Suddenly a sense of peace came over me. Because the truth of the matter was that those folks didn't know me, nor were they coming to the mall to check out some unknown first time writer. But more importantly, prior to leaving our home, my wife and I had said a prayer. And in that prayer I asked God to allow my book to be a blessing to someone. Not to sign and sell a lot of books, but to be a blessing in someone's life.

Within what seemed mere minutes a woman walked up to the table and struck up a conversation. She asked many questions about the book. She kept picking it up and reading the back, putting it down and repeating the process over again. In asking the price of the book, I sensed that there was an interest however something was holding her back. I said, "Miss my I bless you with a copy on the condition that you read it and let me know what you think?" Quickly tears came into her eyes and she readily agreed. After signing the book and receiving a huge tight hug she walked off. Leaving me feeling real good I must say.

Again mere moments after the nice lady left, a friend of ours came by and that started the minor floodgate of people that came by to congratulate me, get a book, take a picture and help make this one of the best days of my life. God is indeed good!

At the risk of repeating myself, I must say again, "If God has placed a purpose in your life and you're allowing fear to stop you from fulfilling it, please turn on the light of faith and you'll see that fear does not exist. It's only a play of the shadows. God's light is much greater and brighter in your life. And where God gives a vision there is provision."

God bless all of my readers and may HE continue to bless your lives and your positive endeavors.