Saturday, November 15, 2008

Give Him a chance.

Is it one man's responsibility to save the world? Even with all the power that Superman possesed, bad things still happened all over the planet. So if Superman, Batman and even Spiderman couldn't save the world from itself, is it fair for everyone to place that type of pressure on the newly elected President of the United States?

Not even in office as of this writing and the media (print and television) along with people on the streets are already putting in their request. People of color are saying he should do more for those that look like him. While others are afraid he won't do for them.

Here's a suggestion. How about we allow the man to be sworn in, pick his cabinet and move into the White House, maybe take a nap, pick out his superhero suit and cape colors before we ask him to fix in one day the ills of the past eight years.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States. He just so happens to have a darker pigmentation than those that previously occupied the position. While that may give some folks a reason to cheer, I think it's more important that those that voted decided he was the one to bring change to a troubled country. Because regardless of your skin tone, if you live in the United States, you are an American and the President represents the people of America and not the color of the country.

Please join me and my family as we pray daily for this newly elected leader. God knows he is going to need it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The wait is almost over!

It is with great pride, oh who am I kidding. I'm so excited if I was a puppy I would be wetting the carpet. I just received an e-mail from my editor telling me that in two short days she will have completed her editing efforts manuscript.

That's right, my long-awaited debut novel is alive and kicking. This has been a labor of love, to borrow a cliche. My life-long dream has been to become a published author. Not a famous one, nor a rich one, simply a published one.

A couple of years ago I had a poem published (didn't earn a dime) and in the writer's bio I wrote the following: To me, a writer's words are his or her voice. There is no greater gift from the LORD than being able to have one's voice heard and received with power and impact on people's lives that can lead to transformation of their mind, body, soul and ultimately their lives. If anyone listens to my voice and it has power, impact and the ability to transform, it's not of me it is of the LORD. I will continue to have a voice, and I pray someone will listen.

This manuscript is 45 years in the making. I've been writing since I learned how but, life, marriage, kids, work and a bunch of other excuses always got in the way of me completing a manuscript. Then I decided that I would wake up my slumbering dream and give it the life that it deserved. Because a dream is still a dream, no matter the age of the person or the dream. So yes at this stage it hasn't been published yet, however that is a mere formality. I'm going to self-publish my novel and use the skills I've acquired over the years in sales and marketing and present "my dream" to the world.

I believe that GOD blessed me with the ability to write and that in doing HIS purpose, my dream may inspire someone else to awaken their own.

I will keep you updated on my progress in putting my voice into print. Dream my friends, live my brothers and sisters and in doing so, always give GOD the glory in your story.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tool or Weapon?

In the sixties the Supremes sang, "Stop in the name of love before you break my heart." If you listen closely you may hear the Supreme Being singing, "Stop using My Word as a weapon rather than a tool of love before you break my heart."

It is widely believed by many folks, myself included that the Bible was written for specific purposes other than simply a historical record. My strongest belief lies in the thought that every book of the Bible starting with Genesis and ending with Revelations draws on an implication of life that is applicable to the teachings contained within. Meaning that from the teachings in the Bible one can apply its words and meanings to any present day issue they may face whether or not it's a negative or positive one. To further clarify the obvious what I'm stating is: the answers are in the book.

Having said all that it still baffles me why so many people throughout the times have used "The Greatest Story Ever Told" as a weapon of choice rather than its full intended value as a tool. Tools that can and should be used to build up not destroy and tear down.

When you are in need and dealing with issues that come from living pick up your Bible and read as well as study the scripture that relates to your particular circumstance and I ensure you the answer/solution is written within, all you have to do is invest the time.

Going up against a giant, read about David, having problems with your faith, read about Job, think you're having a bad day, read about Jesus and the day he was slain for the sins of the world.

Contained in the Bible are tools that will guide, teach and lead anyone that takes the time to pick it up, open the cover and READ.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Introduction of a first-time blogger.

As an aspiring author I have often had this question posed to me. "How come you don't write a blog?" To be totally honest with you I didn't have a clue about blogging. I had never read one nor did I know anyone that had written a blog. So of course my answer was pretty consistent. I said, "I've never given it any thought."

However the more the question was presented to me the more thought I began to give to looking into blogging. And look I did. I googled and read page after page about blogging, blogging websites, the pros and the cons of writing a blog and reading other folk's blogs. Finally I made up my mind. I too would participate in the wonderful world of blogging and become a blogger.

So with that long-winded dissertion out of the way allow me to give a brief insight to what one can expect from me when they take time out of their busy day to read my blog. I will be dealing with issues of taking the Word of GOD and applying it to our daily lives. I want to deal with issues that are whispered about in the church and give a loud voice to them. This forum will not be one that bashes any religion, denominations or preachers. I will simply give my opinions to issues that I have dealt with over my 40+ years of life as well as living a life centered on spiritual values, beliefs and standards that may have grown over the years but, they always remained rooted and grounded in one fundamental belief and that is simply that, "In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth."

If a person has a problem with that then every word that follows it probably doesn't make much sense. I hope that anyone that takes the time to read my future blogs can be inspired, helped and is given food for thought that will feed the brain and spirit with power and impact that will ultimately lead to transformation of the mind, body, soul and life.

As I sign off may the GOOD LORD keep you in HIS grace, shower you with HIS mercy and bless you with HIS everlasting love!