Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It only takes a word.

The other day I had an interesting encounter. Standing in line at the ever-so-busy Apple store a nice mature lady struck up a conversation. The conversation started off rather forced since both of us were attempting to mask our frustration with the long slow moving line. In the middle of a sentence I said, "I'm sorry I didn't introduce name is W.Granville Brown." Immediately her face lit up and she fired back, "The author? OhmyGod...I loved your book and I read your blog."

Needless to say my ego inflated just a bit. Then she punched me lightly, but a hit none the least and said, "I'm so disappointed with you."

Flabbergasted I asked, "Why?"

"Because you have abandoned people that read your blog and have gotten something from your inspiring words."

Wow! Her words hit me like a Tyson hook-completely floored me. The primary reason for me writing in the first place was because I truly desire to be an inspiration to others. So to be told that someone felt abandoned by me since my last blog entry a few months ago, hit me in the blood pump.

My grandmother used to say, "You never know who's life you will impact, so don't take anyone for granted." Believe me, I don't take my readers for granted and I sincerely apologize to all that have supported my writing career through purchasing my debut novel, "Choices" and the readers of this blog. My prayers have been answered and that nice lady (with the heavy hand) put everything into perspective for me.

People are constantly in search of inspiration. In a perfect world-one medium would work for all-but in reality that's not the case. To even be consider an inspiration to someone is...well for me...I'll call honor.

Words truly are powerful. They have the power to impact and transform. The right word at the right time could even save a life. I am extremely honored that people find my words inspirational and I pray that each of us will take the time to remember how powerful our words can be. Just as they can light a flame, they can also extinguish one too.

Share a kind word with someone today, be it a loved one or a stranger. You never know-you just might bring a little sunshine into someone's rainy day.