Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time to embrace the new!

2010. Two thousand ten. It just rolls off the tongue. Wow! A new year and the start of a new decade. As I was contemplating my first blog of this New Year and decade one word kept popping into my head.

That word was: new. New is defined as fresh, original and of a kind not seen before. Here’s another word that’s part of the definition; unfamiliar. I love it!
I’ll make this one short and sweet as I beseech all my loyal readers. Please treat 2010 as a fresh original one and a year that hasn’t been seen before. Embrace the fact that you may encounter some things that might seem unfamiliar to you. Truly and I mean truly live this year to its fullest.

I’m not being pie-in-the-sky silly, I’m simply saying that there is a flip side to everything. So for me, instead of dwelling on the negative side of life, I choose to embrace the positive.
Give positivity a shot and when you find yourself playing the ‘what if’ game, try ending that question with a positive instead of a negative. For example: “What if I lose my job this year?” Most would answer with every negative thought and fear that entered the mind. I think a better answer could be. “What if I lose my job this year?” The answer: “Since that could become a possibility I think that I’ll save a little extra each paycheck and maybe cut back on my careless spending. Not to mention I could start to research how I can start my own business. I’ve only been talking about that since high school.”

Get my point. I know you do. This is a new year not a continuation of last year. Don’t simply let your time of life be like a VCR with 12:00 blinking repeatedly. Change your time. It’s in your control to do so. Besides if you are in the same place, the same frame of mind, the same doldrums as you were in 2009; may I be so bold as to suggest…do something about it.

Happy Fresh and Original to you!